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Default Please Read, Important

i got this off my other forum, just thought id post it up

Dear Drifters,

Let me preface my message to you with a bit of information:

According to the Department of Justice guideline (to police) for dealing with street racing, helping to create legal racing programs is the 9th most effective way of dealing with the problem! That means there are 8 unpleasant ways that they will likely choose to deal with street drifting before helping to give us more legal events. Illegal street drifting can also have a negative impact on the few legal events we have available to us now.

I love drifting, and I know many of you do too. With the release of Fast and the Furious 3 upon us, it is time for drifters to do their part to protect the sport we love. So, how can you help? By educating the public.

*First, post this information on any car forum, myspace group or online car community that you visit.

*Second, link everyone you know that you think might see the movie to www.driftsafe.org

*Third, visit the 'Promote' section of www.driftsafe.org where you can find flyers (made by club4AG members) that you can print out and hand out at the movie.

*Fourth, contribute your thoughts, concerns, solutions and artwork to help us improve www.driftsafe.org

Thank you for reading and I hope that if you love drifting, you will help in some way.


Drift Safe aims to educate the fans, public and would be drifters about the Consequences of illegal drifting, including; the effect of illegal drifting has on the sport of drifting, consequences for individuals who participate in illegal drifting, the realities of drifting and the laws pertaining to illegal drifting.

Drift Safe is also a resource for those interested in becoming involved in legal drifting (as a fan or driver) and those already involved in drifting. We provide information on how to get involved with legal local events (for drifters and fans) and how to attend sanctioned professional events (for fans).
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