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Finally able to afford my all-time favorite sports car, the 87-91 MKIII's. Only took 20 years for the price to come down enough so I could afford it

And I bought two in two days..

First, red 5- speed, didn't always start, needed TLC. Needs paint, never wrecked. Got it to fix up. Next day hubby finds blue parked on a neighborhood lane. Perfect interior, motor purrs, needs new paint job, but body in very nice shape. 124k miles. No targa top, but sunroof works. Selling point was all the maintenance records and the fact that only synthetic oil was used and changed regularly.

Learned that hubby has worked on alot of Toyota Celicas and is very handy with the Supras. Red runs again, starts everytime. Will add a muffler and brake caliper and then we will sell it. Its a nice project car. Only problem is that someone messed with the odometer. Now there is a clause on the title because the mileage went from 160k to 140k. We think it has around 180k, but still devalues the car.

But my blue baby is my problem at this time. It does some strange things, and I had some questions for fellow '87 owners:

Interior lights (above rear view). Aren't they suppose to come on when you open the door? Mine work sometimes, and sometimes they don't. I noticed there is a button next to them, but doesn't seem to make any difference.

Shifts hard (automatic). Especially into reverse. Might be normal. Fluid has been flushed twice in its life.

Headlights. There are four hashmarks on the knob. What does the first one do? Doesn't turn on any lights in/outside my car.

Security system. My car had an aftermarket remote entry installed back in the 90's. Its like playing a slot machine - one in 50 tries unlocking the car with the remote entry sets off the alarm. Only way I have found to turn it off is to hit the auto-starter on the remote. Putting the key in the ignition won't shut it off. So how do you shut off the alarm if you don't have a remote starter?

Thanks for all your help. I look forward to reading your posts.

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500whp yet?
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1st click is be cool mode (lights up not on)
the light button up top makes a difference but i forget which , prolly makes it not turn on and off with the door
they fade to black after you shut the door
i dunno about the auto but many of my toyotas have a bit of an issue doing reverse not much but enough to notice
the stock security is kinda cool i think i
\i recall only being able to kill it by starting the car not just putting in the key and turning to on .. i think it's in the owners manual
hey congrats on the 2 for supra purchase thats a great way to get started so you have two to check out
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