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Default How hard is it to put a 1jz in

Im getting ready to buy my second supra (sold the first) and it doesnt run. On the first one i pulled the engine and rebuilt the entire thing so i have a pretty good understanding about what has to be done if i were going to rebuild that engine or put the 7mgte in. Im thinking about doing the 1jz and need to know if i need to do anything other than just drop it and do the ecu and basic stuff.
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No but somebody said these guys could help:


and you'll probably need this

Its broke, it could be anything, and cost of repairs will greatly exceed the value of the car
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Engine brackets, get them from BIC they're cheaper. www.bicperformance.com

Search for 1jz info, its out there.

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I'm not sure what engines you can get over there, but by far the easiest way is to find a JZA70 half cut (front clip) and swap it all in, there is the wiring to be done but otherwise everything is there.

This is commonly done in Australia and if you have some help the swap can be done in 2 weekend (with beer breaks)

If your Supra is a 90+ model you can find an engine package and swap it in using the same crossmember, if it is pre 90 the crossmembers are different between the MA70 and JZA70 and different mounts need to be found to suit.

The swap it self is really easy if you start with a front cut as you have all the parts, the time consuming part is pulling apart and putting the front back together
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500whp yet?
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search sm(supramania) plenty of good info there. But otherwise i don't really know anything about it, except that i wouldnt do it!
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