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Default intake manifold and throttle body removal!

I was just wondering how long it would take to take the intake or intake mainfold and the throttle body off so i could clean them... i was just told by the poeple that did some work on the engine that they were in desprate need of cleaning?
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The intake will take about two seconds to remove. Matter of the screw that holds the hose on the throttle body, and the bolt that holds the afm onto the side wall. As far as the manifold I am too big to even think about reaching all the bolts :-) 200 LBS 6'6", i dunno i could be wrong.
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tone loc
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to remove the throttle body you have to disconnect all the hoses and the big water hose and all that crap. Then you have to remove the 4 braket bolts which are 2 are were the air intake hose connects and the other 2 are like kinda centered on either side of the pipe(cant really miss them)then there are 6 bolts that connect the throttle body to manifold. For the throttle there is like a 10 or 12 mm bolt and then you should be able to remove the throttle body. i never took the intake manifold off so thats for you to find out.(shound't be to hard) the intake manifold bolts and throttle body bolts are a little tricky to get to so try using diffrent sized rachtes and extensions it should take you tops like hour if its your first time doing it.

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I got my whole intake manifold off in about 1 hour, But that was with taking off a lot of other misc parts going along with getting the head gasket out.
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:-) 200 LBS 6'6", i dunno i could be wrong.
you shouldnt have a hard time reaching it then lol
im 5'10 195 lbs
but now i know im overweight,

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Make sure you have new gaskets before you damage the old ones when taking off the intake manifold. The throttle body is a metallic one that can be re-used. And don't forget that the manifold is two pieces depending on if your going to take it down to the head.
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