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Default Your miles?

I'm interested in buying a MKIII (Preferably a '92 automatic targa with turbo) in about three monthes or so, and I want to make a highly informed decision.

I've already come across a lot of imformation and I think I have the basics. Like the MKIII Supras had a problem with their head gaskets so I realize I may have to replace mine when I eventually get one.

One of the main questions in my mind still is how long these Supras last without having any major repairs (engine rebuild, or tranny)?

So I have a few questions. How many miles do your Supras have? How many miles are they known to run til? What is the most amount of miles you have heard them running to? At about how many miles do the majors things start to go?

Thanks a bunch,

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Like all cars, it depends heavily on how the car was treated. If it has had the oil changed regularly and had problems fixed before they cause more problems it can last a very long time.

Mine has 260,000 miles on it. That is not a good indication because it is on it's secone engine but the previous owner took lousy care of it.
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My supra went 419,000 before the engine blew. These engines are pretty reliable, minus the head gasket and a few other assorted problems.
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Mine will hit 250,000kms (155,342miles) in the next month or 2. Everything has been pretty good. When I first got it, I was stupid with cars and I was young, didnt know much, so I got rod knock. Had to have the bottom half rebuilt.

Just went through a BHG not too long ago. Other than that, nothing else major has gone. Just simple maintenance. A few coolant hoses blowing because of their age.

Do some preventive maintenance before you decide to put mods to the car. Because some sort of hose will blow/leak if not changed.
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After that HG and proper maintenance (assuming the previous owner did maintenance) these engines will run a long time. Mine only has 91K, it had BHG before i picked it up for at least 15k miles. It was thrashed by the 2 previous owners and I had to do a lot of maintenace as well as the HG, all knew cooling system and timing and gaskets.

But now, it runs really strong. I punch it and it really moves. It's the N/A version but it hauls ass. I believe I can take out some v8 mustangs with it in its bone stock form.
Point is, with proper care they go for what seems like eternity.
I had a v6 toy pick up and got 238K before selling it, after I thrashed it. It still ran great.
Toyota's rock.
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Default milage

i have an 87 supra with 204,000 miles. no HG issues ever, no new engines, only minor problems that i can handle as a DIY mechanic. Toyota's are great
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