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Default Heads

I have an 87 na with what i believe is a blown headgasket. i plan on doing a turbo swap but that wont get done til this coming up winter. But i still want to drive me sexy car this summer. my question is does the 7mge head fit onto the 7mgte motor?? im planning on getting my head resurfaced but u also want other things done to it since its already going to be off the motor. if so what are some things you guys have done to yours heads and what would you recomend getting done to it. ( by the way im not putting a metal gasket in to much money and would rather put it towards the 7mgte.)
thanks blake
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I strongly recommend you rethink the non-MHG thing.

But only a personal opinion.

And the 7M heads should be interchangable.

And easy way to tell is to get a gasket and see if all of the holes line up. I imagine they will,but I haven't done it personally.

I dunno what kinda valve differences were don, however. if any.
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Heads are the same. The exhaust cam is slightly different from what I hear. Is it noticeable or not, I haven't heard anything from anyone on the cams, but just stick with the N/A cams you have. I think the advice it to torque the head down to 72 lbs with the stock bolts. The heads are a non interference valve setup. If the belt breaks then you won't bend a valve.

Valve stem seals at least but it wouldn't hurt to get a valve job done by someone you trust. If you do get a valve job done though, you have to adjust the valves and that means shim time. If your shop has shims, give them your cams and let them do it. Surface the haed and check the water gallies on the head. They tend to get eaten out and can cause the head gasket to blow again. You don't have to worry about buying an extra thick head gasket or shim when you have the head milled either. A little more compression won't hurt and the cams are easily adjusted to make up for the loss of a little head height.

Make sure you put the cam caps on the right cups. They are numbered and have ex or int stamped on them. If you don't, you will lock up the cam!

Have fun!

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