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Question CA Legal Engine Swap

Hi everybody I need some help on what to do about my car.

My 7M-GE blow up for the 3nd time about a week after passing SMOG. It's been sitting in my garage for almost a year now. I was really really considering going the 2JZ route, but after doing all my research I realized converting a JDM 2JZ into a USDM 2JZ, or just
even finding a USDM 2JZ and then making it work on a MA70 and California legal is just going to be impossible (no hot SMOGs) and
a fabrication headache.

6 years ago I bought the car at 116k, at the time I was planning on rebuilding a 7M-GTE to swap out when the 7M-GE blows at 120k, but instead a just had a shop replaced the head gasket and I kept driving. Now, at 146,XXX its blown again. I parked it again for a few months to then change the head gasket, myself (I wanted to do it myself because I wanted to clean the engine and engine bay to make it look new), just in time for the scheduled SMOG test. I pass the SMOG test and then it blows a week later. The classic water fall sound you hear when you start the car was a clear sign that the head is blown and that there might be internal coolant leak problem with this engine.

Luckily, about a month or 2 of owning this car I bought a 7M-GTE for like $300, it came with a couple of wiring harnesses
and an ECU (its an automatic trans ECU). I took the engine apart (with the intention to rebuild stronger) and its been in pieces
ever since. I just recently decided that I should go back to my original idea and just rebuild the 7mgte.
With that said, I want to start buying parts but I have no idea what I should do or buy. Is that something that a machine shop can tell me what to do with the engine? The block is on and engine stand, the head still assembled with the cam gears etc, crankshaft is out, harmonic balancer off, everything is else is apart.

I love my car, it still looks like its in mint condition so I will NEVER EVER sell it. It sounds morbid but I want this car to out last me. I just want a reliable bullet proof build, that's faster than a stock 2JZ-GTE (like 300-400whp) (even 400whp may even be too much). I don't need that much horse power, I just miss driving my car.

So what kind of parts should I start buying?
I still need to find/buy an R154 transmission. My car just has the W58; and yes I will upgrade the brakes. Any advice would be a big help.

I realize this isn't first time someone on this forum is asking for some suggestions about how to rebuild a 1J, 2J, 7M, etc., but
usually people want insane horse power with some huge turbo and a never-ending budget. I have a realistic goal, as close to stock as possible maybe
keep the stock turbo or get something a little stronger I don't need 1000hp. Thanks

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First, you are probably blowing the head gasket because of improper rebuilds and other issues.

If you cannot do it correctly your self I would recommend using ALC machine in santa rosa, it was expensive but my engine is working excellent.

I was making around 430 WHP on my original engine on the stock head gasket with an upgraded ct 26 57 trim along with all the supporting mods.

I'm now a fully built engine with metal head gasket, and making at least that or more.

If you want to build the engine, you should follow the TSRM, and watch some of the videos on the 2jz rebuild from real street on youtube.

You will absolutely have to get this done at a machine shop
-4 angle valve job (if your valves seal well you can just lap the valves)
-Check the crank (probably needs a polish, again machine shop)
-deck the head and block to ensure they are straight and not warped so a metal head gasket will seal
-Arp bolts or studs to hold the engine together for the head.

after that, it's just normal stuff that you would need.

There are recommended threads on supraforums that talk about the SRfab oil pump drive gear, ARZ hard oil line to help make the 7m live against rod knock.

Hope this helps.. PS I'm in walnut creek, so not far.
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