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Default Toyota is re-issuing Supra parts MKIII, MKIV

January 2022 update
It looks like the request period for new parts to be reproduced is over and the number and variety of parts available for the US spec MKIII Supra is pretty poor. I didn't look at MKIV parts. A lot of the things they are making are for Europe and Japan spec Supras. You can click on the link below and refine your search for your model and look at the list. I would've liked to seen a US spec fuel gauge sending unit. The outside belt trim is generic and needs painting. The front emblem and triangles for the inside mirror covers are not the same looking as original. Below is the original post from when Toyota was accepting parts requests.


Go to the Toyota heritage parts website and put in your 5 choices for re-issue parts! They have already chosen a few to start but more can be made depending on the demand.


A website to find part numbers if you want to include them is:


The things I would like to see include:
A driver's seat rebuild kit including cushions and fabric especially the 86 1/2 to 87 gray checkered cloth.

Front coil springs. The last part number Toyota issued was 481311D011

Brake master cylinder (with ABS) and brake booster overhaul kit.

Splash pan for under the engine: 51441-14110

Fuel gauge sending unit: This one may be on the list already.

New head casting, even if it's just a bare casting that you can transfer your parts to and make it 0.010" thicker than stock for the people that have resurfaced their blocks.

Blower motor brush kit to replace the brushes in an otherwise working blower motor.

Replacement door belt moldings. The part numbers for the 3H1 red pearl metallic paint code are: Right side 75731-14180-02, Left side 75732-14160-02

Rear tonneau trunk cover or at least the vinyl to apply to the housing as a repair for burnt ones. Specify color. gray, blue, red, tan

That plastic piece For the engine harness that goes over the valve covers as they always deteriorate.

Driver and passenger side door window seals that is located at the front of the window and always loses that triangular piece of plastic.
BRACKET, FRONT DOOR MIRROR, RH 6751314021 with triangle cover 6749114111
BRACKET, FRONT DOOR MIRROR, LH 6751414022 with triangle cover 6749214111

Sun visors and make them the fuzzy cloth covered ones and not vinyl that shrink up and crack.

Front and rear TEMS shock absorbers.

S shaped Turbo down hose 17341-42020 What I did in the past was flip mine over so the Turbo had a new end of the hose to go into and use Permatex ultra black silicone to seal the other end To the aluminum pipe with the clamp.

The left and right window black plastic trim at the back edge of the windows. Targa tops are different than non-targa tops.

Replacement buttons for the 86 1/2 to 88 climate control and the TEMS suspension control.

Console cover, shifter boot, or anything else you can think of.

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