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Default Help with my MK3 2JZ-GE

Hey everyone!

I'll treat this as my introduction, and help post since it will be specific to my car.
I normally daily a 96 240sx, but I got my 88 Supra back during December of 2015. It was just a shell, no engine, no fuel lines, no transmission/diff/or mounts.
It took me until the summer of 2016 until I got it running.

I've never been happy with the car; I don't enjoy it as much as my 240sx.
I'll like to get it to the point I can enjoy it, else wise I'd probably sell it in a few years; if not less.

So start, here is everything I've done:
* 2JZ-GE (supposed to been from a 93 SC300), prior owner re-built it and replaced the internal for a turbo goal. I'm not sure what all was changed since I never measured or ID'd things internally.
* Auto ECU (89661-24301) it's the only one I could find immediately, and I still am having issues finding a manual one.
* Tapped the fuel rail for 6AN fittings
* 6AN Feed Fuel Line up to my AFPR
* 6AN Fuel filter mounted next to fuel tank.
* Fuel tank was missing the fuel hanger and cap, so I had to mill my own to use my AN6 fittings, not done greatly, but it works, just a little bit of vapor leak.
* 3" Exhaust catback (way too big for what I like, but it was the only thing in stock at the time.)
* AFPR set around 42-ish idle
* Custom engine harness... it's a mess. I couldn't find the correct 2jz-ge harness (bought the wrong one to start with, so cut the connectors I need off it) so I wired each sensor right to the ECU connectors.
* Transmission is the W58, again, due to time constraints and availability. for some reason it sits way too far in so my shifter sits right at the dash. To get around that, I am using a shifter housing modified for a 240sx with a W54(?) shifter and a spacer I milled to fit the shifter in there. Along with a extendable shifter to get it even closer to me... haha.
* Differential is a LSD model from a mk4 turbo supra I think.

What doesn't work:
* AC system (need new lines since old lines was crunched up)
* ABS (can't figure that one out)

So the issue I have with the engine is power, it's weak; I don't know if it's a combination of what I did to get the car going, if it's the computer, or something else I'm missing.

The car drives, I've been driving it like this for the last two years.
On the dyno I got 176.914 torque, 177.954 power.
I've been told it was the worse N/A 2JZ they've seen.

Getting it going it's slower then my 240sx (which is the factory 4 cylinder)

* It has idle issues, after driving, coming to stop it will sit at 2K RPMs, if I blip the throttle pedal, it will fall to 1.6K-ish RPMs. Seems like it sticks, but I've cleaned out everything.
* The engine will also make a slight "misfire maybe?" a slight pop sound, a tiny shake, but holds rpms.
* Deceleration I will get a lot of exhaust popping sounds (or if the throttle is applied very slightly.)
* I've already had to replace my MAF once.
* I've attempted to do the timing using a timing gun, the white strip part on the belt is way off. So it's at a spot which doesn't mess things up, any less it has no power at all to even pass someone, too much and it shakes)
* I've also attempted to mess with the TPS, which seems to be at the correct range.

Some part numbers I'm using:
ECU (as mentioned) is 89661-24301-84
ISCV is 22270-46050
TPS is 89452-22090
Igniter is 89621-33010
MAF is 22204-42011

One part of my wiring I don't get is the electrical diagram for what the 93 SC300 calls for a sub throttle position sensor. My throttle body (none traction control) doesn't have any additional sensors besides ISCV and the TPS. I wired the pinout of the ECU to be exactly like that electrical diagram I researched.

Speaking of which, during the beginning I had no CELs besides one O2 sensor which I fixed. Now (when jumping E2 and TE1) I get 47, which is for the sub throttle position sensor.

I've got a couple more connectors to buy, the maf sensor connector, and the igniter connector. Against the rear of the firewall at the top is extra wasted coil pack connectors when I was originally trying to get some coilpacks working.

sorry for the long post!

if anyone needs any additional pictures, or want to know how I did something, or have any information to get these issues resolved, please let me know! nothing is a trade secret for me.
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