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Default New to Supras and need advice on 91 turbo for sale

New to Supras and need advice on a 91 1.5jz swap.

I am looking for opinions on how reliable this car looks considering how much work has been done to it. I plan on tuning it so it isn't running rich and using it as a daily driver. Also there isn't paper work for all the modifications, but there is some paper work. Thanks in advance.

I would be buying it for 10,500.

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im not a guy that buys cars that have had motor swaps becuase you never know if it has been done right. the car could run perfect for a while then something goes bad on it then you have no idea what the problem might be since you dident do the work.i personaly would stay away from it for 2 reasons 1 becuase i did not perform the swap my self 2 beucase you can go blind into a ticking time bomb. the only time i even consider a swaped motor car is if there is EXTENSIVE paper work on it which shows a VERY well known shop has done the swap and even then im weary about buying it plus i dont know anything about the 1.5jz

some of the more seasoned guys might say otherwise but they know more about swaps then i
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To be honest, for that price it would cost that much in parts to build that car. Its just the question of the quality of the work. You also want to think of your experience level with it. It will most likely not be totally problem free as a daily driver although the jz is know to be more reliable then a 7m. Also remember the 1JZ was never sold in the us and the 2jz is not all that common either. Just something to think about if you need parts in a hurry.
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Wow looks very tempting after watching those videos. But as they both said that's a lot of unconfirmed work/mods on that car. And from the description the seller experienced a lot of problems already, so you never know what else may occur along the way. That 11k price tag is pretty hefty too... In my Opinion I would say save your self the headache and just buy a decent supra at a low price and have some fun and build it up from scratch!
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Thanks everyone that gave me some input on this. I think the videos are what tempted me so much too. If only it had all the paperwork. I guess I am going to pass on this one.
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Also, this 1.5JZ is a 1JZ with a 2JZ head. Even more to worry about when it comes to parts. Like the other gentleman said, it would cost you that much to do everything, but you would have the satisfaction of doing it yourself and knowing where things are. I never bought a car that had a swap, but I've done a few.
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