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Default wont start

iv got an 87 with a chevy 350 swapped. the problem im having is when i turn the ignition the starter isnt getting power. when i hook the battery up the interior lights flash and tick almost like a blinker untill i put the key in and turn it. once i do that everything works except no power to the starter. i just had the car running so i know its not bad wires. im just wondering if there is a bad fuse that i dont know of or if its possable the igniton roller is bad. any input would help.
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so you hook up the terminals on the battery and your interior lights start blinking and flashing? If it's a steady pulse/blink then you may just have a circuit open somewhere... if it's an inconsistent/random flicker, you probably have a short...

At any rate, since I'm not a mechanic I can't pinpoint specifically... but I'd definitely would check the fuse box under the hood, check the power levels from the power cable supplying power to the starter. If both those check out to be okay, it could be something different... If your fuse looks good but your power source is short, you may have a short or something on the line drawing power.

Also, here's another thread that sounds like it may fit your scenario...
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walbro fp
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the flickering sounds like a short. the no start symptoms sound like ignition switch or bad solenoid. when i pulled my 22r to put the clutch in, mine worked fine before, put it all back together and it wouldnt start. bad ign switch, so i put in a push button system. way better.
87 toyota 4x4 single cab short box pickup, 7MGZE.
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El Supracabras
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Does the car have an aftermarket alarm? The "lights blinking and ticking almost like a blinker" could be an alarm going off (siren is missing or inop). Do the outside lights blink as well? The "no start" could also be the starter cut out feature of an alarm. Look for a valet switch under the dash somewhere or turn the key to the on position before connecting the battery and then try starting it.
It may not be your problem but its worth checking out as many cars have or have had aftermarket alarms (poorly) installed. Good luck.
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same thing happened to me...
simply enough i got a new battery, solved everything...

if you already did that then follow these guys steps and tips
1987 supra, BLUE 7mge.. AUTO TO MANUAL SWAP..

i really want turbo
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