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carl johansson
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Default center bering for drive shaft good or bad?

So I can't figure out if I need to change out that bearing that goes around the driveshaft. It spins freely and no catching - but I can wiggle the drive shaft up and down probably 1/2 an inch or so. but it looks like the bearing itself is mounted inside a rubber donut? The Manual I have talks about checking that it rotates smoothly - which it does - but I'm worried about the driveshaft moving up and down. I have not messed with a 2 piece driveshaft before - so I have no idea if I need to change the bearing or not!

any help would be appreciated 88 NA car being prepped for a lemons race - and no I do not know how to spell bearing - but bering and berring and beering all look wrong too!

Carl Johansson
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With that much movement your carrier bearing is shot. Now, whether or not you want to go to the trouble of replacing it is something I can't answer. I've never done it so I can't tell you how difficult that may be, but the one you're describing is definately questionable for an endurance race.

I believe I've seen them available from Autozone, fairly cheaply even.
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Sounds like your bearing is shot. You can replace it or purchase a single drive shaft. Single drive shaft is just another hundred more or less than the replacement center carrier. I would recommend shaftmasters for your single drive needs.

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Mines out as well replaceing is easy but finding one is tricky, Toyota here said 360 bucks as I laughed and hung up I called all the parts stores only to find no one carried it then I went to a store called eastren imports here in Fl although they did carry alot of stuff for my 87 no center support bearing or driveshaft bearing or carry bearing whatever the felt like calling it Ive had all of them check under all those names nothing, Found one online for 146 but I went to a local driveline specialist and he says he can make me a one piece using my hardware for 150, and Ill never have to worry about it again only thing is I think it was designed that way to take pressure off the joints, so Im not sure. I think Im going with the one piece cause Id rather mess with a one piece less bolts and hardware plus cre showed me a site about the splines in the shaft that goes in and out where if its off a tooth it can throw everything out. Thats what I got sorry its not better news I couldnt believe 360 I asked if she meant 3.60 cause thats almost half a new tranny for alot of cars.
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