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Default foglight anyone

hey i want to know how some of you guys/gals turn on you fog lights with out the lights being on and up in the car
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its a mod From SM.com:


I took the SOGI rewire and changed it a bit to add more lighting options...

Jayson's Foglight Rewire

SKILL: Beginner
TOOLS: Wire Cutters, Wire Strippers, Electrical Tape , Phillips Screwdriver
PARTS: Wire, Some form of connector, Inline (Combination) Fuse

1) Remove screw underneath switch panel. Pull switch panel away from dash to reveal the fog light switch and defroster switch and whatnot.

2) Cut White WITH Black stripe wire on the DEFROSTER switch...leaving enough room on both sides to strip it to put back together.

3) Cut Red WITH Green Stripe wire on back of FOG LIGHT switch. Leave Enough slack from switch to strip and splice. Tape off the other end going into the dash.

4) Splice together the red WITH green stripe wire coming from FOG LIGHT switch AND the TWO ends of the white WITH black stripe that you cut on the defroster switch. This creates a seperate ground for the Fog light switch.

5) Tape up splice and put switch panel back into the dash.

6) Pull left kick panel and lower steering column (the part with the air vent) off.

7) Locate the Fog Light Relay. Located to the left of the junction box above and its facing towards the engine. Its kinda in no mans land. (Use TSRM and/or EWD to help locate it.)

Pull the connector off the back of it. Locate the Red WITH black stripe wire. Give the wire as much slack as possible off the connector and cut it.

9) Tape off the wire going into the dash and strip the wire coming from the connector.

10) If neccessary add an extension wire so that the red WITH black stripe wire reaches the Junction block by the fuse area. Or to at least about 3 inches from it as the inline fuse will make up for that with that wire.

11) Put the fuses in the inline fuse and attach the wire coming off it to the red WITH black stripe wire coming from the relay connector.

12) Choose a constant 12v fuse to place the Inline fuse. I chose the Cig Lighter fuse because i never use it and i have other things coming off my IGN fuse. You can use the IGN fuse if you would like. As long as its a constant 12v when the keys in the on position. Not sure? Use a test light or voltmeter to find out.

13) Plug Inline fuse into chosen fuse location.

14) Test your work. You should now be able to turn JUST your fog lights on without anything else being n. Key in the on position and you have your fog lights at your mercy

15) Replace panels and enjoy your new fog light rewire.

NOTE: An inline fuse IS NOT neccessary. Its just the best way to do it. You always have the option of wrapping the wire around the fuse leg but the inline fuse is much better and cleaner.

ANOTHER NOTE: The inline fuse mentioned will work...however it has come to my attention that what i used was actually a COMBINATION fuse. they are different.

Edit: A pictorial walkthrough of it: http://gallery.sanitylapse.com/v/sup..._9406.jpg.html
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