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Default Need some help, 1989 Supra Turbo just became undrivable.

So, last friday i was about to go on a trip. I changed my oil and filled up my transmission fluid while my car was idling in neutral, lean i might add. Just as a pour the last bit of fluid it needs into it i hear a hissing and from under the engine steam starts rolling up. Naturally i can smell that it is antifreeze and my heart drops... i turn off the car and it continues pouring from the bottom, running down the transmission until the pressure in the system goes down. So, i cant see where it is coming from... somewhere under the engine on the knock sensor side. i jacked up the car to get a better look from the bottom, but the leaking stopped and nothing was to be seen. So, i filled up what coolant was lost started it up and waited... after about 30 seconds the pressure must have been back and coolant was pouring out again... this time i was under the car getting a good look. Unfortunately i could not see it and after the car cooled down i could not reach the leak to feel around. It looks like it is the heater core hose beacause it goes into the dash on the driver side. Not positive it is, but it is definitely in the vicinity of the other end of the hose. Just to add, this is the second time my cooling system has burst and i don't have the faintest why. I have a 13 pound radiator cap and i have heard the "waterfall" sound before if that helps. I think i should read up on the forums too because i have some nice pools of oil on my spark plugs... Thanks for any help if you have had this problem.
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Default hmmmm...

well, if no one knows then i guess my cooling system might just keep bursting on me... not that i can fix it now without taking off the intake, headers, and who knows what else to get down there...
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Hello Blind One .

Your coolant system keeps bursting I bet because you are running 13+ year old stocker hose clamps.

You're going to want to upgrade those.

Now the leak. Really need you to find where it's coming from.
So, it sounds like you're speaking of that bastard hose that is in the way of pulling the starter. It goes into the bottom of the block. I'm not sure if this hose goes into the fire wall without looking at my car.

However. You are going to need to go ahead and keep checking all of your coolant and or rubber hoses. If they are hard. You need to trim them back. If you can't trim them. Replace them.

There are some places that you can scuff the male connect with sandpaper, just mildly. This provides extra grip. For when you replace the clamps as well.

We hopes it's a hose that your leak is coming from.
Not the head/block area.

Also. I just thought to myself. Inspect your radiator cap for wear. If it's crusty. Replace it.

Pick up a 2nd gig. Start pimping hoes. You're about to invest into your cars future. For some time to come.
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the heater core lines go into the firewall on the left side of the engine if your standing infront of the car it is above the engine its self. and then comes out behind the engine. i think i know where your leak is coming from. the two valve covers. reach in between them and feel on the back of the engine thats where the coolant returns to the engine. feel around there mine leaked from there for the longest time before i could figure it out. like th epost before me. the hose clamps are old but you dont have to replace them until they leak those hoseclamps are good clamps. they dont clamp with alot of force but enough to do the job. now if your trying to get alot of hp out of the engine replace them with screw clamps. but check that you wont be able to see the line but you can feel it if you have small hands. a hose that is worn out or failing will be soft. not hard to the squeeze but soft like you have fold it 3 times. so check that and get back to me and see if i gave you any help
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I blew that hose once whilst driving.
I thought the engine was smoking but the engine was burning the coolant.
Vapor came into the cab through the vents.

I preferr heat to ac. If that dash weren't such a bugger. I'd delete the heater core.
But that's just me.

I had to give it a complete tune up.
I just changed the plugs, as I was not happy with my replacement choice.

I used the same wires. And in retrospect. I should have changed the coil wire as well.

I meant hard rubber at the connection perimeter. So, my bad.
The entire hose will NOT be hard. I thought that a given.

The hard shit has to be removed it will not flex it will crack and tear no telling how far.

Check your power steering pump res. hoses. I'd almost promise you those are hard at the connection.
I have a 91 and mine are frozen on. I dared not remove them. To keep them from cracking and splitting.
That's all I was trying to say. I probably should have elaborated.

All of these cars have the same shit wrong with them in different ways which is what makes problem solving such a riddle.

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