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I owned a MKIII (1988) for about two years and 20,000 miles a few years back. I sold it and have missed it ever since. This fall I am going back to college to finish my degree and was looking to buy a nice reliable car to commute back and forth with. I wasn't thinking Supra at first, but today I just went and drive an 86.5 for fun and now I have to have another. Basically I sold mine (in descent condition) for $2300 back in the summer of 2003. Now, when I look at the ads for these things, I can't find a single car (non turbos!) for under $5,000 bucks! Have the prices gone up this much, or are most people just dreaming? Book values are shown around $2000-$4000 so for a non-turbo. I was thinking about spending $3000 for something nice but not perfect. What will three grand get me for a MKIII these days? Not much is what it looks like so far.
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it all seems to depend I bought my 87 mklll turbo with 113 thousand miles for 2500, dont know if thats a good deal, but as soon as bought it, it started over heating so i have replaced every thing related to cooling, and the head gasket, and head bolts. I get a great deal on labor and parts so its a bit cheaper than the average, but all and all the total car price including the purchas of the car, it will have cost me about 3700 for a sweet running fun to drive car.
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i just bought a 86.5 with 175,000,5 speed,new paint job and it has no dents for $3500. But that was after jewing the guy down from $5000 :lol:
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I sold my '89 Turbo in '99. Sad day... but thats another story. I bought it for 5500 and sold it for 5300 2yrs later!! not bad. Fast forward to '05, I just bought a '91 Turbo out of Iowa for 6500. I was shocked, some of the prices are for dreamers, but the car is worth what someone will pay for it... I woulda payed more if I had to! This one is way nicer than the one I sold and has 84000 miles on it!! Can't wait to drive it home to washington!!

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my father bought my 86 for 2400, i bought the 85 for 2000 and i just bought my 89 turbo for 3000. you just have to look or let one fall in your lap.
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Hey everyone, I'jm a new reader here.

I just got my dark red 89 Turbo Supra a week ago. 2000 for an 89 with 175k on it. Wouldn't have gotten it since it has an oil leak and needs lots of maintenance done, but I'm working at an import tuning and engine shop, so I get every part for cost =).

Sorry to jack the thread, but what is the average life for the fuel pump? Also would like to know the same on injectors. I'm experiencing hesitation and a slight jumping when I hit 4# of boost, and would like to get my car back in running order.
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