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Default My Supra died today :(

The following story takes place between the hours of 1PM and 4PM:

I go to get an oil change, which I do, then go fill up. After that, I'm on my way to the mall to return something (about a ten mile drive) when I hear a rod knock get progressively worse (I had a slight knock from about a year and a half ago but the car was running fine). I go to make a right hand turn when all the lights come on and the car shuts off. I turned the car off and on and pull into a neighborhood.

Not wanting to get stranded on the side of the road, I turn around to go home. On my way, the knocking sound turns into the absolute worst sound I have ever heard from any engine in my life. It literally sounded like the engine was throwing up. Again, the car shuts off but I manage to coast into the parking lot of a QT. From this point I get a tow truck to bring me to the local Supra specialists (Mehdavi Motorsports) where it now sits.

My question is, does anybody have any idea what might have happened? All the belts were in tact and the engine had plenty of oil. I have BHG (which were supposed to get repaired this weekend but could not) like all MK3s.

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rod knock ftl

Time for a full rebuild. Either they fucked up the oil change or your bhg got coolant into your crankcase and got things real hot because of the friction and wore out the already worn bearings. It was inevitable if you have been hearing knock for a while. When you hear a knock it is bet to shut it off right away and get it towed to a place it can be torn apart. The more you drive on it the less salvageable the parts get not only on the bottom end but the whole engine because all the debris will get into the head and cams etc.
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Bill UK
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Check this link out. http://www.toyota-supra.info/forums/mkiii-supra/8600-7mge-oil-pressure-2.html#post44952
Remove the oil filter and open it up, check for any bearing material.
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Default Rod Knock!

yeah, theres no doubt about it, rod knock = rebuild/replacement. were you running petroleum oils?

could have been a bearing in one of many places. at the crank or at the piston. if the oil put in your car was different than what had been in, there may have been a higher detergency in the new oil which could have pushed a bit of sedement around. could also have been a really thin oil compared to what you'd been running.

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