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i have a 5mge supra. n its a 85 supra. i have a question about my supra. when i start up the car and its operated. i keep hearing a vibrate noise came out from between the egr coolen valve cover thats the one that on the back of the engine its kind of square. have i think 6 bolt on it. i keep hear a vibrate noice came out of that.... so i dont know is it air leak n thats what it cause that or. is it my valve or my piston is knocking. i only hear this when i step on the gas. if i release my gas pedal or when i accelerate the speed and it keep having that weird knocking noise tho n i not sure is it just a vibrate noise or is it my valve. so iono. and if i didnt accelerate or step the gas pedal to make the car go or move then i didnt have this weird noise. but when i step on it it keep making that noise so iono. any suggestion.... please help this is really bugging me....
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Do yourself a favor, and start just trying to shake stuff , anywhere near the exhaust manifold, anything, make sure its not just something loose. Would be nice if thats all it was. Start with a simple shaking test, and see if you find anything loose, and if you do, see what you gotta do to fix it, and then go from there. Let us know what you find.
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i did shake all the stuff around the egr cooling n also things that near or close to the exhaust already n it still didnt help. the vibrate or the noise came out some where between the egr cooling n the exhaust manidolf tho. it happen when i accelerate the car tho. so please help me this is really bothering me.
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iono about your knock noise... but my i think i have the same problem as your. but i got to work. its my egr valvue pipe that came out from the egr to the egr cooler. that one like a h shape thingy thing. i got air leak right there on the two bolt that tight the egr valvue pipe to the egr cooling tho. hope the same for you. how do i know it. i shut my engine till the motor is cold. n i start at cold n put my hand around it to find out if i got any air leak. and i found out that there is a air leak. and now i got turbo on my mk2 so i decide to block my egr valvue so now i dont have egr no more. so hope this work for you alright. let me know how u get to work alright.
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