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Default 5m-ge check connectors

I'm trying to check out stuff on my '82 Supra and can't find any info on how to use the check connectors in my Chilton's book besides for the fuel pump. Also, there doesn't seem to be the check connector for getting the trouble codes with the engine light. In fact, there is no engine light in my analog instrument panel... The wiring diagram book I have lists three, the one for the fuel pump, oxygen sensor, and emissions. Anyone know what can be done and how to do anything with the oxygen check connector and emissions check connector? They are near the front passenger side tire well in the engine compartment.
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So I did some more looking at my wiring book and at the end it has overview schematics. The EFI page showed all the wiring and colors, the types of connectors, numbers for the terminals on each, and a pictoral view of their locations. All I gleamed from it was that the emissions check connector went to the EFI computer, but the one in back shows it goes to terminals labeled E1, VF, and +ε/VB on the EFI computer. So I'm taking that on this model this is the diagnosis connector and I should short E1 to +ε/VB with the car 'on' and I use a volt meter on VF to get error codes in lieu of using the check engine light? This right? I still don't know the the O2 check connector is for though?

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well... this is another proble... you might have.... does the car is 5speed or auto. or you do a auto to 5speed. if you do a auto to 5speed then. sometime it cause a prouble due to your tranny wiring and the code checker wouldnt show when you do a code check or try to red the code on your ecu. it wouldnt flash and nothing coumes out. i having this problem on my mk2 tho. cause i do a auto to a 5speed and i cant figure out how to do the tranny wiring so i cant get my ecu to flash so i can read the code. i still have that problem... hehe...
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