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Default 1984 MkII front cross member needed

just started a 7MGTE conversion on my 1984 MkII, and having got the old 2.8 motor out, discovered that the front cross member is beyond repair. anyone know if I can still get an original new replacement from anywhere. I'm in the UK but prepared to import if necessary. By 'cross member' I mean the transverse structural section that joins the left and right chassis rails: not the engine cross member, or the bumper iron, but the one in between which the front tie bar mounts bolt upto and which also has the radiator supports fixed to it.
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Default 1jzgtte info please

hey, i also have an '84 mkII and i go to an autimotive skool so i've got almost every specialty tool ever but they dont let us get too crazy with things. if the jobs are too big or to long on flat-rate then we cant do them. any way i saw that u were doing the 7mgte swap and i too have thought about doing this to make a mean ass soup but i have been doing al kinds of research (and haven't been able to find anything) and wondered if a 1jzgtte would fit in my '84 and whether i would need the tranny from that engine or mine if u kno of anyplace i kind find out or if u kno and could tell me that would be great. Thanks
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sorry fulk, i know absolutely nothing about that engine
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Yes it can be swapped...Yes you need the tranny from that motor..It is not worth it though..There is very little mods and parts for the 1jz..Your best bet is to just stick with a 7m..They are alot cheaper and are almost a direct swap..You can even use your stock tranny,motor mounts,radiator,etc..The main things for a 7m swap is the harness,oilpan and pickup and the intercooler ducting..Which you can use the MKIII stuf you just have to cut the holes to run it..Yes you can get more power out of a 1jz its just almost imposible to find the parts..If you went with the 2jz it would cost you 4 times as much and there would be an ass load of custom fabbing..If you want more help and knowledge on the subject then go to www.celicasupra.com/vbforums/ and just use the search at the top of the forum..
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