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Default 130 mph speedo and a 200 speedo mph

Hi guys, I have a 1985 Supra I bought this summer, have been removing parts cleaning things up, new grease and putting them back together(power window motor regulators, tracks, door locks, latches). The car is red with burgundy leather seats, they need to be recovered, and the backs are fine. The kid I bought the car from had just had the head rebuilt, his dad has a friend who works at a machine shop, the car had less then 123000 miles (just broke in) and they tore it down and miced everything, ended up ring and bearing the engine, new cam shafts, new water pump, radiator, oil pump, clutch, pressure plate, new brakes and bearings, went through the whole front end and rear end. The kid moved out at eighteen got the title transferred into his name, bought a new car and sold me the 85 Supra for 900 dollars.

I went to find a few parts for my yes I do own two Camaros both Z28s, but letís not get personal, I came across a 1984 Supra, it had the cloth burgundy interior with vey little wear, and in nice shape a bit bleached from the sun on the upper corners but they will work just fine until I put away enough to have the leather seats redone. As I was removing the seats, I noticed that I might as well grab all the power door parts from both doors, the head light assemblies, the list goes on. I was removing the steering column and happen to look at the gages and I thought I saw that the speedometer went up to 200 mph, na couldnít be, mine only goes up to 130. The 84 I rebuilt for my ex back in 88 had a 130 mph Speedo. Then I noticed something I havenít seen on her car or mine, it was above the tack and read normal and looked like a green lens and power with a little red lens, above that I think it had written DCI, or DIC, or D something, I thought maybe a turbo car, but there were no markings on the car stating that.

My question is like in my Camaros I can change the rear gear ratio from 2.73 to 3.73. Is the rear end in the 84 I came across have a different gear set and ratio in the rear end then my 85. Can I swap the gages from the 84 and put them in my 85. The 84 is an automatic car, mines a five speed manual. The engine was removed and transmission but they left the rear end in the car. If the gear set is different can I swap them or just swap the whole rear end? Also can I remove the catalectic converter and install a Pace header with bigger exhaust pipe and a better flow muffler then the one Midas put on with out messing up the computer and sensors? Any help to these questions would be greatly appreciated, and yes my Supra will tear a Camaro up in the corners, but unless I do some serious work and put out some serious money for a turbo or supercharger, I have to live with the fact that my 79 Z28 will always pull away down the straights, of course Iím pushing 425 horses out of a 350 four bolt main built to the you know what, with a wide range Borg Warner S T10 and 2.73 gears in the rear end, just have to keep the RPMs up in both cars.

Thank you,

Glen D Rumsey at grumsey@earthlink.net or call even collect 541-296-3970

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