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Thumbs down DO NOT BUY FROM "Cheklisonof Borellio" <cheklisonof@yahoo.com>

DO NOT BUY OR TRUST ANYTHING THAT THIS DUDE SAYS...."Cheklisonof Borellio" cheklisonof@yahoo.com

Ok he says that he has a set of Tein Flex shocks for a MKIV and 2 Recaro integra type R (red) seats for sale in the parts section..... I'm not gonna post the link cause he is lieing...... I e-mailed him and PM'd him... and posted on the thread for the parts and he got back to me after a few days with pix... 3 pix looked from a web site.. told me he had a MKIV and didn't like the parts and had no paypal and did not want to try to use it..... So, I gave him my cell number and he said he could not call me because he had no phone... I told him to call me from a payphone collect and he did not he toild me he and his wife are new to the USA and only have internet at home and his new body shop in FL..... I find that it's strange that he has a business and no phone.. A lifeline phone for your low income home is only $5 a month...... He then told me to Western Union him the cash cause he had a western union account.... I feel stupid for saying this.. but I did.... he tried to pick up the cash but could not his passport was expired.... wait a second he bought a SUPRA a MKIV without a valid US drivers license????? and how is he going to become a new US citizen? When my mother came to the USA she had toi have a NEW passport to get a ALIEN card.... Passports are good for 10 years...... So he is liein g again.. I got my cash out of western union.. and then he wanted me to send him the cash again through western union.. this time with a secret question so he didn't has to show an ID to get the cash ... I said NO FING WAY...... I asked him to send the parts and then when I got them I'd overnight a small package with cash inside...... He told me that he didn't have the money to ship.. what a lieing sona of a B .... lesson learned here.. hope you can learn from my almost mistake... DO NOT BUY FROM "Cheklisonof Borellio" <cheklisonof@yahoo.com> .. he is full of crap....
If your in FL here is where he said he lives
Cheklisonof Borellio
657 glades Cir apt 101
altamonte springs florida <------ this is my home my Shoppe is in orlando about 15 minutes away but let me know when you get this please i have someone else asking about the parts thanks Chek

If you wanna drive by and see if he has the parts.. let me know I''m in San Diego cali and IF this is a BIG IF I am wrong I will say so and buy the parts from you NOT CHEK....... thanks hope you never do any business with this ..... what ever he is...
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joel w
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i doubt he has any parts at all, IMO, dont know him, but have seen the tien flex scam... too many people are onto the mk4 scam so now people are trying less expensive items still hoping to get someone who will send cash western union... good thing you didnt get scammed...
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Old 01-16-2006, 12:21 AM   #3
3" Exhaust
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Default Yea I know.. thanks bra .. remember I asked you about him....

I want everyone to know about this crap it's bull..... Kinda like my car is in the UK I will send it to you for 2000$usd.... bla bla bla... I wish we could find these punks and.. hmmm might get into trouble here.. lol well I'm glad I didn't get scammed and I don't want anyone else to.....lets stick together and be smart
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