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How it all began...

Posted 01-23-2008 at 09:09 AM by mkiiisupra
Updated 01-23-2008 at 09:36 AM by mkiiisupra
I purchased a 1990 toyota supra turbo A/T w/ every extra you could imagine (expect a CD player ) for 4100$, yes way more than i should of spent...

Clean body, Clean interior.... perhaps if i hadnt of driven 6 hours after a 10 hour work shift i would of been cohearant enough to notice the mechanical problems... But i wasnt so after purchasing a supra with a blown head and starting my 6 hour trip home to make it to work in the morning it breaks down about 50 miles down the road. Throwing a rod in the bottom end, making me abandon the vehicle on the side of the road 5 hours from anyone i know.... lol

Tidewater of Virginia was the car dealship that sold it to me, Thanks guys....

So i find a friend with a truck, rent a uhal and set off to get my vehicle that weekend. When i get it back i take it to a local garage, Cotton's Garage. where they informed me i needed a new engine...

Orderd one from http://www.osakajdmmotors.com/ who sent me a engine with a blown head. lol... refunded me 400$... So now i had to pay this shop an extra 1200 on top of the 1400 i just gave them to put the engine in to put a new head on a vehicle i just bought .... Alota cases much worse than mine wish i had visited this site before i orderd http://www.ef-honda.com/ben/Osaka.php

Anyways thats how it all started. Sure mostly stupidity on my part, shouldnt purchase a car after being up for 24 hours and pressed for time lol... Shouldnt of bought the cheapest engine i could find on the net... But that is what i did lol...

So about 4 months after buying my car i got to drive it, since then ive known it was all worth it.... Although my wife was not so understanding at first.... Now she loves the car as much as i do though.

..... More to come later about my trials w/ Claire (my cars name)
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hi there just read your blog..some sort of a bum deal that..thats the sort of luck i get with cars.i looked around one couple of years back ,lovely hot summers day,original owner from new never thought to check the heater did i!!!. trouble is you dont realise how bad it is until the cold weather cuts in and the damn thing wont clear the windscreen. thought i would of learnt with the supra i bought back in september, lovely and red, mp3 player, new head gasket, didnt take far and paid up.. got couple of miles down the road and noticed the gear chages on the auto are sticking..well thats life..cheerrs
Posted 01-24-2008 at 07:10 PM by thegeezerrr thegeezerrr is offline
Hahaha is it ever, i just try to look at it as a learning experience and that it could of always been worse. especially after looking at that other engine that was sent out by the same company lol
Posted 01-28-2008 at 05:33 AM by mkiiisupra mkiiisupra is offline
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