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Default About to give up

I bought a 87 supra turbo that was freshly rebuilt. Well the kid did not put a thermostat in it so I installed one. I took it for a test drive afterwards and it overheated right away. Later I noticed that the rubber plug on the back of the engine blew out. Car was running very badly and would not stay running without giving it gas. I then pulled the whole motor and did a complete rebuild with bearings and seals. I had the head checked at the machine shop and it was all in spec, and it was resurfaced on the previous rebuild. I put it all together and the car barely ran and was missing very badly. After two months of not working on it a came across a parts car. So I redid the head gasket and changed the head, coil packs, plugs, wires. It is still missing badly. I have great compression with new je pistons and rings. Fuel pump is working great with great fuel pressure. I am getting great spark on all cylinders. I checked, double checked, and triple checked the timing. I know it is perfect. As of now the car will not stay running on its own, I have to give it a little gas. I've also check all the vacuum lines and they are all good. Please if anyone can help I will be greatly appreciated. Next I'm going to swap out ecu's to see if that will help. It is not throwing any codes at all. My name is Chris. If it's easier you can call or text 574-387-1777. Thanks
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