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Default I think I have the replacements lined up - no pun intended.

Thanks Bill or your input. Written descriptions written (poorly) by me can only go so far.
I am sure these are not the AT box hoses. Those are really narrow gauge metal, I think, lines. But those I got clearly ID-ed. These leakers I need to replace most definitely have coolant in them and leaking out, not AT fluid (I do know what each fluid looks and smells like).

So, a self update, they do seem to be oil cooler lines as called by the parts store people.
I am in the Northeast of the US.
Autozone, Pep Boys and VIP auto do not carry them. Pep Boys can special order them 3-5 days at $42 a line. Not going to do that.

Apparently they are 1/2" by 12" and need to withstand 250 degrees F temp and 125 psi min or they will melt or pop. Two of those stores tell me that Robbins Auto parts makes their own hose that is that spec and that I can buy by the length there. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get there and verify they'll work tomorrow and Saturday when I install them.

Thanks again.
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