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This is like reviving an old thread.. but it is very worthwhile. I just wanted to point out that in Canada (Alberta for sure), you can insure the MKII and MKIII as a Collectible (it is). My insurance is 6.00 per month for complete insurance on its appraised 6k value + up to 1500.00 in addon parts. Damn cheap.

The caveat? I can only drive it for a maximum of 5000 km per year.

Ask your insurance broker.. not sure if the states or other countries consider the MKII and III's as collectibles or not, but dont do it if your going to drive over that amount. You'll risk your insurance when they do the math if your involved in an accident.

Just to update this as well... I have an 88 and a 90 now.. both fully insured for 11.00 pre month as collectibles. I bought the 90 for 800.00 and it is insured for 4500.00 without an appraisal. (anything here under 5000.00 does not need an appraisal) My 88 is insured for more because it is appraised at 6000.00. Plus, I have all my receipts and the insurance will cover up to 1500.00 in add-on parts above the appraised value.

Finally.. make sure that the engine is cold when buying a MKIII. Start it and watch the tail pipe. I have found that most of the MKIII's I find have smoke come out when cold starting. Not always a major issue, but the valve seals are prone to leaking. It may startle you a bit when you see it, but if it doesn't smoke afterwards, that's usually the problem and its not always a bad thing (mine still smokes if it sits for a day or so when I start it.. blue smoke. I leak tested it and it confirmed the valve guides are leaking, however the rest of the engine is still very strong)

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