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ok so the car is running now and im having a few problems.

1. Its a little hesatent to start and when it does it bogs the check engine light comes on and the rpms fluctuate at like 500 to 1000 untill i push the gas. It levels out to 1500 after i rev it once the engine light also turns off. (boost or vacume leak maybe?)

2. Theres this really weird sloshing noise I hear ever once and awhile it sounds like its in the dash or right infront of it. I was thinking it may be the heater or something, but im not sure.

3.When i start the car the oil pressure is high. is this normal? after it gets warm its below 40 untill i push the gass but when i start it up the pressure is way above 40.

4.when the turbo starts to boost it feels like im getting more acceleration when im not flooring the car like maybe the actuator is releasing the pressure but the psi gague says its pushing 8psi but it pulls harder around 5 or 6. (boost leak again???) and it takes it abit to rev out to 6k rpm its hard to explain. its like its not getting the full 8psi or not getting enough fuel or something. maybe the afm is dirty im pretty lost on this one.

5. after full throtel boosting the car sometimes dies or it will bog and the check engine light will come on but if i hit the gass it levels out again like it does when i first start it up.

6.Is it normal for all the TEMS lights to come on when i have it in normal mode? all three come on from time to time in normal mode under normal driving condiions no hard acceleration or anything.

if anyone can help me with this i would be very greatfull.

thanks for reading my thread and helping with my noobyness : )

ohh and i have come to understand that supras are sexy as hell and verry ammusing to drive : )

1995 NIssan altima with 2 year old pant on black Drag DR-8 17x7 Wheels with brand new Goodyear Eagle GT's
Custom Blue Parking lights with White silverstar head lights
JDM Ebay Catback Exhaust.
K&N air filter.
(Totaled Due To An Idiot)

bone stock (for now) 1990 Supra Turbo With a brand new CT-26 Turbo And New Exhaust Manifold. Now With A Brand New Blown Head Gasket

Now driving a 99 Nissan Maxima 5spd with the passanger side bashed in from passing out at the wheel nice cars ehh??
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