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I looked at my EGR system today. I ran into an interesting problem. No EGR valve. a modulator connected to nothing. no block off plates.
The guy I bought the supra from said it has a jdm head so maybe this supports it all and why i'm not passing emissions. jdm or not?
Should I install a EGR valve or get block off plates?
does a JDM 7m have EGR cooler?
The car seems to have been running without block off plates for some time and should this be a concern?

modulator with no ERG valve... conneced to nothing.

no block off plates. looks like this. are block off plates necessary if EGR is missing/removed? does JDM have EGR port like above? located just under the modulator a bit. (obviously that is not a ERG flange but it looks similar.)
86.5 mk3 supra 7mgte r154
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