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Default Inspection/emission problem

Earlier this week I decided to take my Mk3 to get her a new (Texas) inspection sticker. I was pretty sure it would pass, however, it didn't.

I just replaced my passenger quarter fender and fixed my taillights and turn signals, so I figured time its time for inspection!

My mk3 is a 86.5 7mgte with a r154 and it failed emissions.

second opinion from fellow mk3 owners would help
I'm thinking i need to check/replace DP,EGR,VTV,VSV, maybe a cat converter?

I'm running high in HC's and CO's but passed dilution. any advice?

High speed
pollutant - Standard - My reading.
HC - 220 - 247
CO - 1.20 - 3.92

low speed
pollutant - standard - My reading
HC - 220 - 428!
CO -1.20 - 1.52
86.5 mk3 supra 7mgte r154
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