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Default I've got no power! :(

Here's my situation. I was driving one day in my 1986.5 non-turbo, and i did a 180 turn. Smart me, i didn't put the clutch in all the way. So clutch was already going and i killed it. So i replaced the clutch, and put in an oil pump while i was in there (fyi I lifted the engine several inches to get the pan out). I also cleared out the Cat. So I get it all back together and im excited but then i had hardly any power (less then my 4 cylinder cherokee)! Here's what ive tested.

I replaced the distributor cap and rotor. I checked the timing, it was right. Ran diagnosis but it said everything is ok. Checked vacuum lines, everything seems fine. It has new wires and hoses.

So it seems like it has to be fuel pressure, bad spark plug, compression, or something else im not thinking about. But none of these really make since to me because it had all the power before i killed the clutch. So im wondering what happened in between killing the clutch and putting in oil pump and new clutch.

Please Help!
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