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Originally Posted by Benesesso View Post
That kit looks great--wish I had found it before I got my gasket job finished.

If your cyl. head bolts were really only had tight, I don't think there's any way the gasket could survive. What torque did you use when you retightened them?

Here's the problem--the gasket leaks either between cyls. or cyl. to water passage. The engine will still run, but it will use water/coolant and tend to run hot. Coolant will get into the oil, which is bad for the crank bearings after a while. The hot combustion gasses will slowly cut gouges in the head and block, eventually ruining them.

I didn't see any white water/sludge in your photos, so you might luck out.
the header bolts were hand tight and thetop turbo stay bolt were also. and the exhaust manifold staybolts were gone so im guessing he had it serviced and they didnt tighten anything right and lost bolts or everything vibrated loose from the bad turbo and no suport from the exhaust manifold stay.

the oil was fine there was no coolant in it and the coolant was also good it was a little rusty from the water the previous owner put in it but it was oil free. im having it flushed once i get my turbo back and all the parts from toyota.

yeah yhe only sludge was from the oil that was leaking into the exhaust manifold. it was melting the gasket and mixing with the oil its in wome of the pictures i have posted. i was afraid it was the head gasket when i say it bit it was inside the exhaust manifold also so im thinking its safe to assume that the HG is ok.
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