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Originally Posted by Bill UK View Post
You guys must have different brake/hub setup to the UK Supra, I’m sure I needed to removed the hub to knock the wheel stud completely through.

naw. if you diden't have a dust guard on it you might of been able to get at it.
but as it is after you remove the caliper torque plate and pull the rotor off
the dust shield is blocking access to behind the hub. the bolts to the dust plate are.. located behind the hub.. hah. so now im looking on how to remove my hub

time elapse 3 minutes...
wtf? do i really need to take my hub off?
time elapse 4 minutes..
im really not wanting to take my hub off. so my decision is this. i just hit the stud out threw the hole in the first place. I can grab it and bring it back but its not tight. ill try to tighten it using the new installation method but if that dosent work im just going to re-assemble and once i get my tire on ill just lug nut it down. still compleatly safe and by the time i have to remove my tire again itl be rusted on there and Ill prolly forget that it was even broken. any yea or nay to this.

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