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Unhappy Many problems

Aight i have a 90 n/a 5 speed and i just got the head gasket changed and then when trying to get it started after it didn't want to but i had a friend look at it and it was the fuel switch so problem solved. Well then it sat for a while again and well now just to get it started i have to jump it off and it still takes a few cranks to start it. Besides that i have to have the gas pedal all the way down and as soon as i let off the gas it dies. The whole time that i have it running I see nothing but white smoke coming out the exhaust and i mean a hell of a lot of white smoke it filled up my mother-in laws front yard and well i just have no idea what to do to fix my baby girl. Also if it helps i chanded the distributer cap, rotor, spark plugs and wires with in the past few months and the old ones were covered in oil and either not gapped white or just covered in crap so any and all help will be much appriciated.
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