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Originally Posted by burton51m
thats cool....

i compare my 91 supra to my friends 91 firebird and notice all the technology is ahead of its time also. cd player, climate control, security alarm, mirror defogger, TEMS, power seats with lumbar control. and it looks ALOT newer....all the gauges and dash ...everything.
Being ahead of it's time and well constructed is why I still have mine. I had kinda lost interest in mine and once it blew a head gasket, and the quotes I was getting to fix it, I almost gave it up. Then I started looking around at new sport type cars (this was all between 2001 and 2003) and realized how much I would need to spend to get something as nice as my 1988 Supra. I fixed the head gasket, got quality fresh original paint, a few other miner things and she's good as new, and now a unique ride as I don't see many on the street anymore, let alone clean like many of ours. (nice one burton!)

THEN...after racing go-karts for the last 4 years I decided to switch my racing budget to the Supra and start doing all the work (wrenching) on it myself. Nothing real serious yet and I don't think I will go too far with mods. Suspension so far is a HUGE improvement (TEIN Flex), next will be proper race tires and wheels (an extra set just for the track) then more HP without getting into engine internals, and I'm keeping all the stock parts in case when I'm 100 years old I want to restore it for a show car and stop racing it.
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