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Originally Posted by Image 21 View Post
hey guys, new guy here. so i`m looking at a 89 supra with 60k origanal miles, has car listed for 2 grand. car is what i`m looking for,targa top five speed. my issues i`m concerned about. blown clutch and has no spark plug wires to run the car. i`m a marine mechanic and that kinda throws a red flag, i`ve built and restored many of boats and time for a new hobby. my dad had this same car and i loved it any thoughts thanks Donnie
Helps if you have a better description of the car. 60k original miles suggests its a US car, so.. where in the US? (different states have different rust issues...)
Body is a concern.. interior is a concern.. drivetrain is a concern.. but the 3 are kinda seperate areas to worry about.. so if you havent read much yet.. there is a lot of info on what to look at. no plug wires is pretty easy to fix.. blown clutch is also not major. Blown headgasket.. different story.. lol.

lots and lots to tell you about the warts, but this thread covers most.. I suggest reading and then asking questions if you are unclear or concerned about certain things.
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