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Originally Posted by 89supra884 View Post
well last night i toof off my intercooler piping and i saw that ther was like a greenish oil in the intercooler? i have no clue what the hell it could be.


also i have oil in the last sparkplug hole, what could cause that



alot of turbo cars just spit oil out of the turbo you can try to control it like 907mge said but you'll probably come to find its all but useless and it doesnt really affect anything unless its bad enough to see smoke from your exhaust i see it all day long at work even on big name turbos like greddy and precision i honestly cant say ive ever seen a turbo car with more than 10,000 miles on it with no oil in the piping/intercooler just be happy you dont drive a bmw 335i they spit oil like no other from day one
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