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Default Do you love the rod that props up the hood?

If you've ever considered the metal rod that props up the hood (aka bonnet) in the MKIV Supra to be one or more of the following:
- Inconvenient
- Ugly
- In the way
- Cheap-looking
- Non-symmetrical
- etc., etc., etc., etc.

...then there *IS* a much, much better solution...and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg either!

Gas Lift Cylinder Conversion
Here are the three parts you need to convert your MKIV Supra's hood (bonnet) to gas lift cylinders:
1) http://amzn.com/B004714VQC ($8.50 USD*)
2) http://www.liftsupportsdepot.com/lif...se200p60s10-w/ ($48 USD*)
3) Send an email to kbprice@yahoo.com, and ask him for his "Custom Hood Damper Strut Brackets for the Mkiv Supra" ($30 USD*).
(* All prices include shipping)

It's that easy! Here's an 'after' pic:

The set I put on my Supra is black, but I believe that the site in "2)" that sells the gas lift cylinders also has them available in chrome and/or carbon-fiber finish.

My (subjective) result: Honestly, every single time I open my hood now, it brings a smile to my face. Keep in mind I've been dealing with that nasty hood prop rod since I got this car back in '94.

Disclaimer: My hood is a seibon carbon-fiber and this setup works just fine with my hood. Of course, this solution has also been tested with the oem hood too. Apparently there may be some other carbon-fiber hoods out there that may or may not work as well...but I can't confirm that either way.
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NB: Please consider posting any help requests in a new thread instead of asking me for help privately. About 99.9+% of the time, private help requests end up covering great information that could be very valuable to other forum members. If you have a good reason for needing the help request to be private, I'll consider it. If not, then why not give everyone else the opportunity to pitch in too, and/or learn from the information? Remember, there's no such thing as a dumb question. We're all here to help within this family of Supra owners.

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I like the gas lift cylinders - looks good

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Nice post! This will be a conversion I will be doing in the near future. Thank you.
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