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Gengus 05-22-2008 04:39 AM

main bearing Q please help
as some of you might know i am rebuilding my 7m gte. I am replacing the main and cap and rod bearings. i went with a standard set of main bearings from napa. when putting the crank back in i plastigauged my new bearings just to be safe. it turned out the new bearings had more clearence than the old ones and where barely within spec. i really dont know what to do. toyota claims that there are different bearings for each spot and that i have to buy them from them for something like 30 dollars each which amounts to over 200 dollars for just the mains. but then why do stores like napa and advanced both sell all the bearings together for around 40 bucks. some of the bearings are different and the standard set has a few different bearings and you can tell which ones go where. since they did all work and where just not exactly in the range i wanted them i was thinking i could get 10 thousandths or whatever number would make it right oversized (or undersized i get the two confused). if anyone else has experience with this please let me know as i am kinda stuck and would rather not pay toyotas rediculous prices when clevite makes perfectly good bearings.

supramacist 05-22-2008 04:46 AM

Well...,. my 1st thought is. Bearings.

Why go someplace and cheap out.

As for the specs I don't know. You have to realize that these people at these stores mainly know the computer.

Not cars.

You should return what you can and coordinate a more brilliant effort with your toyota parts guy on such things.

If for no other reason that to make sure you get the right part.

You're obviously not a tard. Or you wouldn't be where you are inside your engine.

My advice is to stop thinking of the car as your grand pappy's old truck and learn some toyota speak and ethic.

What works on something may not apply well to the supra.

supramacist 05-22-2008 05:01 PM

No ego Gents.

It just reads that way. If it comes across like that.
It's because I'm passionate about supras' and I hate seeing someone work harder than they should be.

Brilliant simply means ''more thought out''. It wasn't a barb or a nudge to excite anyone.

Someone always has something to say about my posts. When I could have just let you sit here with ZERO direction until someone wondered by.

Sometimes the lack of a 1st post kills a thread so atleast I try to initiate more responces in some fashion.

DO I sugar coat ...., No. Have I ever? Not to my knowledge.
Do I know everything? Not by a longshot. I'm just trying to help anyone that I may be able to in any way I can.

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