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Originally Posted by nessies2003 View Post
I don't ever see steam coming out, but the temp gets close to the red on the gauge sometimes, and in those times it seems like all of the coolant is in the resovoir and not in the radiator.
Sounds as though your system is working properly ( sucking water back into the radiater ) ,BUT! -- have you checked the timing lately , -sounds as though the engine is running a little retarded ,does it feel sluggish? -- this raises the engine temperature to run a little hot and blow the water into the reservoir , try advancing the ignition and see what effect that has .If your engine is a 7mgte , then undo the clamp nut and turn the cam position sensor ANTICLOCKWISE ( as viewed ) to ADVANCE the ignition , best done with the engine running -- this should increase the engine revs to peak ( ideal ) and then drop-off ( too far advanced ) . Turn CLOCKWISE to slightly RETARD the ignition to peak again ( ideal ) and lock up the clamp.

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