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Well an overflow is supposed to fill up at least partially as it heats up, then as it cools, their is suction back into the radiator. Thats why there is a hot line and a cold line on the overflow reservoir. does it overflow and blow out steam and all that neet stuff? the radiator cap keeps the system at presure - which raises the boiling temp of the coolant.

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So here's the deal...I'm having enough problems with my supra that I decided to sell it. But something funny is going on with the radiator. Sometimes it will just overheat temporarily. When I stop the car, the overfill reservoir for the radiator is completely full. The next day when everything has cooled down, it is empty. I replaced the radiator cap a couple weeks ago, but clearly that didn't fix the problem.

It sounds like (from the forum) that this could be a thermostat problem, or a blown head gasket. What kind of repair costs could that be for me at a mechanic and should I just try and sell it without bothering to fix that?
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