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hmm well I agree with all the above statements. I would recomend running a highflow cat If you decide to put a new one back on. Altho that is entirely up to you. I'm not going to be as presumptuous and tell you whats right and whats wrong. A high flow cat from magflow will give you the same gains as running one w/o. If money is tight and you choose to run the test pipe till you save up, you still have an option of just going straight 3'' all the way back. Either choice is yours. Hell, I ran mine with just the downpipe for about 3 days while my exhaust was being fabricated. Altho I wouldn't recommend it I'm not going to tell you it's wrong. The thing with just deleting the cat all togather is the fabrication will probably run you about the same as a high flow (maybe.) and yes running the test pipe as a permanent solution isn't really worse off then running cat delete. if you want to take the risk, but again these are just options of what is available to you.

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