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12psi boost
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Originally Posted by chuck0960 View Post
so im new to this, first supra (91 mk3 auto), i was wanting to get some recommendations on what to do to be able to turn my boost up to 15psi?? i know i will need fuel system upgrade and turbo upgrade. Anything else needed/recommended?
You need to do a engine rebuild to with stand that much boost. Mhg, 550cc or higher fuel injectors, lexus afm or bigger? a bigger turbo, ct26(??) can't hang lol... Even all that youll blow the 7m trying to tune it that high.. Maybe,
I don't know much I'm just giving you an idea..

But I do know this...

You gotta remember basic science, normal atmosphere pressure is 14.2 psi on everything(maybe 14.7?) so take that and add it to the 15 psi you want to force inside your already pressured engine...that's why it's a common mistake to over do your turbo.. Besides fuel cut is 14 psi( unless you upgrade) with that your beasting already.. Haha
again idk much about this but I do know a engine rebuild is in store for that much boost....


Bump bump...
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i really want turbo
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