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No worries on offending my mechanic skills. If the drive shaft support bearing was installed wrong, would it start to vibrate right away? It was installed in June and has been very smooth until recently. Also the bearing and carrier feel tight, I would think that it would be showing some wear with this amount of vibration. I am not sure, but I believe the noise is different from the support bearing noise.
I did get under the car and try to move the support bearing, u-joints and pinion shaft, loose bolts and could not get any movement.

I was considering draining the diff today. Is it possible to refill it without a pump?

While I am asking, I started to pull it down to check the condition of the wheel bearings. I am stuck, unable to remove the hub. I removed the 4 bolts through the backing plate will that do it?

Sadly, I have been using the online manual and still got stuck.

I will try again today.

Great input, I appreciate anyone taking the time to read and respond. Thanks
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