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Default Growling or rumble strip noise from rear of car.

There is a noise coming from the rear of the car that sounds like a growling, or small rubble strips. It seems to be worse under deceleration and "seems" to get quieter when I push in the clutch and coast at speed. It has gotten worse at a fairly rapid rate. I tried to check the bearings by jacking up the car and trying to get movement from the wheel assembly, nothing there. I just recently replaced the drive shaft support bearing, it seems fine.

The backlash, measured by twisting drive shaft back and forth and looking at yoke, only moves 1/4 inch.

I don't know if the clutch could cause this type of problem but it seems to work fine, no slipping.

It really sounds like the diff or a bearing. Thanks in advance.

1986.5 Supra 3.0 5 spd
1986 Supra 3.0 NA Stock
5 Spd. Lexus rims 16 x 7
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