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Originally Posted by supra87maniac View Post
Well if you are thinking about drag racing the supra is the top dog, but when it comes to circuit style racing the weight and chassis design are going to hurt you bad if you want to be super competitive. Also are you thinking of a mk3 or mk4?
Actually, the Mkiv Supra Turbo was "top dog" in its class ('90s GT sportscar) for roadracing. About the only thing it doesn't do great at is autocross, due to its weight and rwd. The NSX is light enough to do okay at autocross (despite it's limited horsepower). The GT-R's AWD helps compensate for it's heavy weight for autocross.

Although many have, to me, 'b@st@rdized' the Mkiv Supra Turbo for drag racing, it's far from the ideal platform for that application. The IRS and 4-wheel independent wishbone coilover suspension, beefy front sway bar, 4-way ABS, big 4-piston front brake calipers, etc., etc. are all designed for roadracing, not drag racing.
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