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Default Feeling dumber now, Bill UK, you were right, but still clueless in NH

Bill (et all).
I am pretty sure you were right and I feel foolish.
It does in fact seem it is and oil feed and return line that goes to the rad to cool the oil. So it would be oil leaking. It's not oil leaking so I guess those lines have no leak.

There IS however some damn thing leaking / spraying coolant all over those hoses exactly where they meet and are bolted in parallel together at a low point under the engine. They are covered in coolant and I have absolutely no idea how the coolant soaked them and poured down I guess onto them and the ground. These lines were pouring fluid down off them after I shut down the motor and pooling all over the street.

All the radiators are dry, the leads from them are dry, not dripping, wet, leaking etc etc... The water pump is dry and not leaking. I am going to keep researching this online since I can't get to my car until tomorrow what could be causing it, but I am really stumped here. If anyone has a suggestion how I could be losing 1 gallon + of coolant in 20 minutes of driving above the area where the oil cooling lines come and go I would very much appreciate. Thanks in advance.

The lines soaked are absolutely ID-ed by me now that I found this pic in the TSRM. It's labeled as the "No. 1 Oil cooler hose" and the "No. 2 Oil cooler hose" and these unrelated hoses are drenched in coolant on the outside only I guess. Can't be coming from the inside.
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