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Understand, a lot of "rich" people are not very sharp when buying cars. Tiger Woods driving a fancy Chev was disappointing.
Do not think I would waste my money. My current main ride is a 2009 Honda Civic EXL. I drive it to work and on long trips. I did not get the SI since all it came with was a 6 speed and did not wish to play with it in the often heavy traffic of "dysfunction" junction. I was not at all impressed with the Corolla or Camry.
My view is we are going to have and keep our Supras operational. There are no new ones to replace them and the "sports" cars sold today are troublesome. My co-worker bought a new Challenger and it is already developing problems Don't get me going about the Camero or Mustang. The word in Japanese is "sodai-gomi" or garbage that you have to pay to dispose.
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