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Originally Posted by Bill UK View Post
When you say it doesnít start, do you mean the engine turns over but doesnít fire up, or the starter doesnít turn and just makes a clicking sound.? If itís the latter and Gosport is in the UK, then is more than likely it will be the thin wire going to the starter . The UK supras donít have a relay, the wire from the ignition goes straight to the starter solenoid (or via an alarm if fitted or neutral switch on an auto), one of the problems is the gauge of the wire, although probably ok when new, it is too thin and over the years the copper wire deteriorates, resistance increases due to age and the constant heat changes. This becomes more apparent when the engine bay heats up, the thin wire will also heat up, causing high resistance. A permanent fix is to fit a 30 or 40amp 12v relay in the engine compartment. Instructions below.
The thin wire from the ignition activates the coil in the relay which doesnít need a lot of current. The switching part of the relay takes care of the amps required for the starter solenoid, The large wire going to the starter motor from the battery is the main power to turn over the starter motor once the solenoid is activated, this wire doesnít need to be upgraded.
1. Disconnect the battery
2. Fix the relay to the bulkhead or somewhere covenant.
3. Remove the thin wire going to the starter motor and connect it to terminal # 86 on the new relay
4.Connect terminal # 85 to earth (negative) using a 20 amp wire
At this stage you can check the relay is working by connecting the battery
and switching on the ignition as you would normally do to start the car. You should hear a click from the new relay but the starter will not turn over until you have competed the next steps.
5. Remember to disconnect the battery again
6. Connect a 20 amp wire to the spade terminal on the starter motor. (This is where the thin wire was once connected.) Connect the other end to # 87 on the relay.
7. Connect 20 amp wire straight to the battery and to # 30. connector on the relay. Job Done.
This fix works perfectly! Sorry to bump such an old thread but I've been able to resurrect my 86.5 N/A and I had to join the forum just to say thanks.

For anyone else with this issue, here is the kit I used.
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