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Default Crankshaft timing gear keyway

5MGE 1984 Celica Supra

I have the harmonic balancer and the timing belt gear off. Getting the timing gear off was a bear as the harmonic balancer woodruff key would not come out and the timing gear was rotated relative to the key.


1. Should there be a key in the crank for the timing gear? There is none.
2. Is this a clearance engine wrt the pistons and valves?
3. If no key for the timing gear then the massive bolt torque is what hold the timing gear from spinning?


A region on the crankshaft 180 degrees from the balancer key about the size of a dime under the timing gear shows what I would call galling (weld and release transfer of material with the timing gear). Was this the key?

Engine ran fine in the morning, started fine in the afternoon, but had no power until warmed up. Got home fine and shut down fine. I checked the timing and found it was off 2 teeth. Belt checks fine, eventually found the slipped timing gear.

MAIN QUESTION HERE, was the timing gear keyed to the crank?
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