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I suggest you remove the lights and investigate why one sticks out a bit, at the same time you can have a go at sealing them properly. They are held in with 6 nuts. You may find the gasket has deteriorated over time, you can buy new ones from Toyota but they arenít cheap. Or you could cut new ones from a sheet of ridged type foam using the old ones as a template. The quickest and cheapest way is to coat them with silicon sealant. Although the center part of the taillights may look different to the UK ones below, the lamp fixing is identical. The black rubber/plastic part you can see around the external part of the lamp is there for cosmetics and doesnít seal anything, so squirting sealant around there will seal nothing. A couple of things to be aware of; as you can see from mine the screws where the nuts attach are like new. If yours are rusty then I would spray them with WD 40 or a similar penetrating fluid; the screws are only bonded into the plastic lamp housing and could break away. The other things to note is that the gaskets are the same profile from left to right hand, but if you order a set from Toyota the part #`s will be different from left to right. The reason being on the gasket thereís a bit protruding out (like a shark fin shape.) depending on whether its right/left handed there is a small piece of double sided tape attached, not sure why ? they probably helped with assembly on the Toyota production line, at a guess.

Clear Euro Bumper Lighs.
I doubt if you will get amber bulbs with them ,as the bulb holder is part of the Supra wiring loom, may be worth emailing the seller. You can always buy them from Ebay

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