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Default Tail lights and side bumber lights.

Well, my frist problem is that my left rear tail light has been leaking and i blow out the break light. but just the break light.
ive been looking at it and where the tail light raps around it ( on the 89, idk about other years) it sticks out a little bit rather than the right side which fits stung.
and idk where to put in silicon in that spot and around the seal or what.

and my next question is about the Euro side bumber clear lights.
its a stupid question, but i know my lights right now are orange. thats a given for any car, but in here
its all clear and idk if i need to get orange light bulbs, or if there already is orange lights in there. because i havent taken the orgainal lights off yet.
or if there are clear ones just not to worry about it.

thanks for any opions or thoughts,

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